Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Sneek Peek

Our friend Hudson had his 1st birthday party tonight. His birthday is actually on Halloween, so they did a Halloween themed party and all the kids got to wear their costumes!

I have never seen Maisey so excited to go some where. I got her dressed in her cheerleader outfit and then told her it was time to do her hair. But then I went in Gage's room to get something and when I walked past the bathroom, I saw Maisey just sitting on the toilet waiting for me to do her hair! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!

Here she is. . . just waiting for Mama!
I got Gage all ready to go then realized that I couldn't buckle him in his car seat, so we did a quick photo shoot then I took his costume off.
Our 1/2 football player, 1/2 football. We just call him the football man! (P.S. Don't you love the helmet?)

They sure do love their cougs!

That is a 100 % genuine smile! Words can't even explain how excited she was!
I was expecting Shaun to be home to help me get all of the kids ready but there was an accident on the freeway so he decided to take a back way that he had never taken before. . . Long story short, I didn't have any help and we just met him at the party!
As I was running around trying to get everything together, Maisey kept saying to me, "Mommy, hurry! We're Leaving!" or "Mommy, Let's Go!" Usually she's the one messing around and it takes quite the effort to get her in the car--but when it's something she really wants to do, I better not keep her waiting!
She is so excited to wear her costume again tomorrow! If she gets this excited about Halloween and birthday parties, I can't wait to see her in 2 months for Christmas! (She's already been talking about it!)

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Bryce and Jenalee said...

That is for sure the cutest picture of Maisey.