Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our week without Daddy

*Our dinners have consisted of

- Left over pizza
- Quiznos
- Sweet Tomatoes
- Walmart Deli
- Costco (tonight!)

*Our kids have only been bathed one time since Saturday. . . and let me tell you, it was ROUGH!

*Maisey has gone to bed between 7 and 7:30 every night! No staying up late this week!

*Our house is a disaster. . . I have like 5 half finished projects all lying around, including laundry from Tuesday, which I NEVER leave laundry for 3 days. However, I have run the dishwasher twice, which I don't understand how we have that many dirty dishes since I haven't made dinner all week.

*We came home from my mom's Monday night and I was bringing the garbage cans up from the curb and left the garage door open. That was a mistake. 2 cats came in our garage and were hiding under the car. To most of you. . . that's not a big deal. To me (the person who HATES pets) it is! Maisey was freaking out because I was freaking out, Gage was screaming, and Shaun was laughing at me on the phone. After 15 minutes, a broom, and finally having to pick them up, I got them out.

*The kids were dragged to walmart yesterday. . . I should say Gage was dragged to walmart yesterday, Maisey willingly came. When I got home I realized I forgot to get eggs, so after we ate our dinner from the deli, we went to Safeway to get eggs. When I got home, I realized I had a brand new carton of eggs on the top shelf that I didn't see. Grrrrrrr!

*While at Safeway yesterday, both kids pooped! What are the chances of that? Especially since they had both already pooped earlier in the day. And I didn't bring any extra diapers because it was a real quick trip. So they both had to sit in it til we got home.

*I got out of the shower this morning and heard Maisey yelling from her bed, "EM - A - LEE!!!!!" (What 2 year old calls her mom by her first name?)

*Maisey keeps saying to me, "I want my daddy!"

*****Daddy. . . Please come home! We really miss you!*****
Funny story. . . Before Shaun left, he was talking to Maisey and told her that he was going to go fly on an airplane. . . yada yada yada! After he was done he told Maisey, "You be a big girl for Mommy." And then he asked her what it meant to be a big girl. After thinking for a good 30 seconds she said, "No crying!" And Shaun asked what else? And she said, "And no picking noses!"


Jenny said...

Tori calls me Jenny all the time. It comes from the kids I babysit. Tori finds it hilarious.

P.S. The laundry will wait! :)

Desiree said...

Okay, this is me WITH Daddy home, lol! It is hard when those Daddies leave though, it was fun playing today at playgroup.

M-O-R-G-A-N-'S said...

Sorry I wasn't home to help with those cats, cause you know me..I'm not a fan of the strays in our neighborhood, or others pets roaming free.

Sounds like one hectic week and one yummy line up of dinner! My kids would love me even more if we ate out all the time. ha ha

I love Maisey's nose picking line..that's funny. Hope everything is going good today. :o)

M-O-R-G-A-N-'S said...

Oh and kids have always called Dave, Dave or David since they could say our names. lol They do it because they think it's funny and he doesn't..Savannah calls me Jennifer when I didn't hear her and she gets annoyed.