Friday, October 30, 2009

Go Mommy Go!

Well, I was going to post about our Bauman Farm experience from last Saturday, but my pictures are having a hard time loading, so I will have to do that later!

I have worked out on my elliptical 5 times this week! That's right. . . 5 times!!! I've been getting up just a little bit earlier each morning to do it. Well, Maisey has also been getting up really early this week, so she just has to sit on my bed and watch the news while I finish my workout. Well, both yesterday and today she got down off the bed and stood in front of the elliptical and cheered me own by yelling, "Go Mommy Go!" or "Good Job Mommy!" Why would I not want to do this every morning with my own personal cute cheerleader?

*I've made a goal to workout 7 times a week (not 7 days a week--some days I'll have to double up if I want the weekend off) and I have scheduled a massage in November. If I keep my goal I get to keep my appointment, if I don't. . . I have to cancel it, even though I have a $39 coupon that expires next month! This goal might stretch me a little bit, but that's what it is going to take to lose that little bit of Gage I have left! Plus it makes me happier!

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dana said...

You are my hero. I looked at my eliptical 5 times this week and then kept walking. Oh well!