Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On a Happier Note. . (and Maisey Moments)

. . . Shaun and I went on a date last night! No kids, no friends, no family, Just him and me, husband and wife, and the other 19,998 people at the Blazer game. It was SO SO SO fun! And let me tell you, walking up and down the stairs all the way down to the 2nd row was a lot easier this year compared to when we went last year and I was 8 months pregnant!

I love that my aunt is so generous and lets us use some of their tickets every year!

The Blazers played the Jazz, so it was especially fun for me since I knew all of the players from BOTH teams! Shaun and I went to Jazz games when we lived there and became pretty big fans. Shaun was sticking with Utah last night, and I went with the Blazers, unfortunately I got WHOMPED!!! Blazers ended up losing by 11 I think, but they were down ALL game by as much as almost 30.

I enjoyed the game, I enjoyed the food, I enjoyed the company, but mostly I enjoyed the opportunity to clear my head for a night!


*Maisey was coloring this morning and I asked her to go do something and she looked at me and said, "I can't. I doing my homework!"
*We went to the store today to buy TONS of Hershey kisses for the wedding and Maisey was so excited because she thought she got to eat all of that chocolate! When we got in the car I gave her half of a Hershey kiss. She said "Yum Baby Abby." And I said, "Oh Maisey, are you sharing with Baby Abby?" and she said to me, "No Mommy! I don't share chocolate!"
That's my girl!!!!

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Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Glad you could have a fun night out! I'm excited for the haunted house on Fri!