Thursday, January 28, 2010

Deals vs. Drugs . . .

. . . But NOT dealing drugs. That's important to note!

If my husband/mom/sisters/friends didn't know that I was couponing, I'm sure they would think I was doing drugs because of some of the following phrases:

"Once I started I was hooked"
"I get such a high from doing this"
"I just did an awesome deal"
"I've got to run and do this one deal real quick"
"This is so addicting"
"A friend got me hooked on this"

I'm sure there are several other phrases I've said in the past 3 weeks.

But all of the above phrases are so true.

And sometimes I feel like I'm doing something illegal when I walk out of Fred Meyer with 8 free boxes of Ziploc bags (and 8 coupon books!) but I'm so NOT! It's just smart shopping and pairing up coupons with sales. The women who run the hardcore couponing blogs are amazing!

Well, I reached another "first" in my new couponing adventures. My very own "deal" that I came up with all on my own! 2 boxes of free bagel bites from Albertsons! Maisey loves bagel bites and they are perfect for dinner on the nights we leave her with a babysitter.

And for some reason, they just taste better when they are free. :)


Monica McCoy said...

I am totally with you! I get "high" everytime, and even get a "low" if something does not work out! It definitely is a thrill!

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Haha! Sounds like me! I'm going to do the ziploc "deal" also! Who can't use free ziplocs? Good job on finding your own deal!

janel said...

I have a feeling you a Celeste will be very good friends soon and I won't even be needed in this relationship - but seriously I'm amazed at the stuff she gets and it's really awesome for families - oh and the RS message of the month is on budgeting and this is such a way to help that out!