Monday, January 25, 2010

Spokane Trip Round 3: Fun Fun Fun!

We were only in Spokane for 3 days, but we did several other really fun things while we were there!
We went to Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane so Maisey could ride the carousel! This was the first time that she rode the horse by herself! She was so brave! And Grandpa spoiled her and let her ride 3 times!

We played lots of Rock Band, featuring Daddy and Brother on the Mic. . .

. . . and Maisey on the drums!
(I played the guitar, but in all of my pictures I have this really serious stare that isn't very attractive, so I'll pass on posting those!)

The dog, Madison, loves to sit up on the top of the couch to watch out the window. Well, Maisey found that spot to be pretty comfy too!

Maisey got to take Madison on a walk! She sure loves that dog and since we've been home she's only asked me for a dog 10 bazillion times!
Don't worry, my answer is ALWAYS no!
We are looking forward to heading back up this Spring for Grandpa's PhD Graduation and so Maisey can get her puppy fix in again until the summer!

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