Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spokane Trip Round 2: Chuck E' Cheese

Grandpa promised Maisey that he would take her to Chuch E' Cheese. Everyone had a great time, including Nick and Nathaniel (who were, at first, embarrassed to be seen there!)

Gage and Daddy played in front of the green screen.

Maisey made up her own rules to ski-ball. Which, by the way, I was the ski-ball champ! :)

Grandma hung out with Gage and fed him his lunch.

Maisey and Mommy played lots of games while Daddy, Janel, Grandpa, Nick, and Nathaniel played lots of basketball. Daddy ended up winning the bonus by scoring more than 50 points and he one 100 tickets. Everybody combined all of their tickets to buy Maisey a Princess diary. She loves it!
Thanks for such a fun day Grandpa!

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