Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A few of my projects

My first project: Homemade Baby Food. I was a little disappointed in this project. Gage wanted nothing to do with it. He didn't like the vegetables at all and the fruit wasn't worth making (i.e. it was just as much money to make it then it is to buy it). So at least I can scratch one weekly thing off my list.

I think I am done with my organizing project! Thank goodness, because I'm pretty sure the checkers at Wal-mart were getting pretty tired of seeing me there EVERY day! Which is more often then the normal every other day!

I put all of our wrapping paper and bows in one tub, and all of our gift bags and tissue paper in another. The top tub will be taken to the shed as soon as Shaun takes down our Christmas lights.

Baby clothes on top, baby gear underneath!

More baby clothes. . .

. . . and more!

You should see my shed! It has twice that many bins in it! Mostly full of holiday decorations. And not to mention each of the kids' closets has a couple bins in there as well. I told you it was a MAJOR project!

On to my next projects:

Organizing Maisey's hair pretties, and the whole shelf.

Organizing my craft closet with the end goal of getting anything craft related into this closet and out of the garage, cupboards above the laundry, kitchen, and play room closet. We'll see. . .


Bryce and Jenalee said...

I love organizing too! But I get burnt out after doing one or two cluttered drawers, so I am way impressed with your efforts!

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

That's too bad about the baby food. I only made the fruit if it was in season, so now would be a hard time to do that anyway.

I want to start couponing, too! I have sooooo many friends that do it in Utah, but I couldn't find any sites for this area, either, so this is good to know! Thanks!

John, Tish and Peyton Maughan said...

You're awesome! If you're still in the organizing mood when your house is done my address is... :)