Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spokane Trip Round 1: Airport

Maisey could hardly stand the wait of going on an airplane! She told everyone all week that she was going on an airplane to grandma and grandpa's house.
We got to the airport 2 hours early because my mom had get back for a meeting, so we hung out outside of security for a while. They have a kids play place so Maisey played with legos and went on the slide. Then we ate lunch at Panda Express (Maisey's favorite!)
After lunch we headed to our gate. We still had about 30 minutes until we boarded, so Daddy was nice enough to take Maisey on the moving walk ways. But she had to have her back pack. She was going to be a hard core traveler.

Here's Maisey on the plane. She loved to "read" the safety card. We didn't have to take any toys out of her back pack at all. She was so entertained with watching out the window, the saftey card, the sky mall magazine, and her apple juice. Plus it's only an hour flight!

Here's the dude with the pilot! I took a pic of Maisey on her first flight with the pilot too. Gage did pretty well, he's really squirmy and hard to entertain, but at least he wasn't crying!
Coming up next: Spokane Trip Round 2: Chuck E' Cheese

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Jenny said...

That's right. Get them ready for flying to Germany... :)