Friday, October 22, 2010

18 Months

My little "jewel" is 18 months today! I started taking a few pics to document some of the things that he is in to right now.
He LOVES shoes! He plays in his closet all the time, and often times shuts himself in there. In this pic he is also wearing one of Maisey's shoes. When people come over and take their shoes off, he takes their shoes to them. He seriously is obsessed with shoes!

He also HATES getting dressed and LOVES running around naked! Getting his diaper on, or his pants on is a battle. Sometimes I have to sit on his legs and use my hands just to get him diapered!

He likes to shut himself in rooms then sit there and knock on the doors until we come and open them. Then he thinks it's really funny. He can open doors all by himself, which he is also really in to, but he thinks it's more fun to wait for us to come find him!
He likes to unload Maisey's undies drawer!

And play in his hamper every Tuesday when I do laundry!

He was going through some paci withdrawals so he found some puzzle pieces with a little knob on them and started using those! This habit didn't last too long though.

He also HATES pictures! He crawls away, cries, runs, screams, bugs his sister, or falls off of where I put him. I do remember Maisey going through a stage like this, so hopefully it's just that, a stage!

He likes to play with his lawn mower, but he LOVES to ram it into his sister! And make her cry! He rams it into me too, and it hurts.

He is also quite the climber! The kitchen table table, Maisey's art table, the oven/stove, Shaun's dresser, the ottoman, any where I don't want him to be, he's there!

He likes to sit and figure out how to put his socks on. He hasn't ever actually gotten one all the way on, but he's gotten close! It keeps him pretty busy and entertained for at least 2 minutes!

These 2 pics are the best I can get of him at 18 months, which really shows his true personality.
He is such a crazy little man! He keeps me so busy, but he also gives me kisses and loves, he's so cute. He is talking more now. He can say: All done, yay, uh oh, thanks, please, up, more, buh-bye, momma, ma (grammy), dada, backpack, ball, and night night. He loves cheese! He'll eat 3 string cheeses a day if I let him. He also likes apples, gold fish, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, enchiladas, and MILK!!!! He's starting to enjoy reading books more, and loves Dora! He likes to play outside (i.e. swing, ride bikes, dig in the rocks) and just run around and be wild.
We sure do love our little Gagey boy!
And we love him even more now that we can take him to nursery! :)


Esther said...

This is Esther, from BYU Laundry. I have been following your blog for a while. Your kids are adorable! I have a 3 year old little girl, and a 16 month little boy and they are SO much like your kids. I could almost put this exact post on my blog because they are so similar! Anyways...I thought I would say hi and tell you that your kids are so cute! It is fun to see how you are doing.

that's what she said...

yay for nursery! i might be on the countdown for bennett right now too. gage sure is a handsome kid-you are going to have your hands full when he's a teenager with all the girls coming around. ;) and the whole hating pictures thing? i'm still waiting for ethan to grow out of that. one day.