Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gettin Our Party On!

Today, instead of play group, we had our 2nd Annual Kid Pumpkin Party! All of the kids had a blast! It was pure craziness for an hour or so, but it couldn't have gone ANY better.

I forgot to get a pic of all of the pumpkins from our garden! This is some of them after a few kids picked theirs out!

Maisey was excited to get started with hers!

Look at all these mini Monet's.

And my little cheeser!

After painting pumpkins, the kids played a game of Monster Mash. They all had a balloon tied to their ankle, and they had to go around and try to pop everyone else's balloons. It was so funny to watch all the kids. Apparently 2-4 year olds are NOT big enough to pop balloons, so after about 5 minutes of kids running around like crazy, the mom's grabbed push pins and popped them! Maybe we'll wait a few more years before we do that one again.

After the game, the kids all ate lunch (pumpkin shaped sandwiches, Cheetos medley, apple slices, and juice box) while watching Dora's Halloween.
As the kids were leaving, Maisey gave them each a mini treat bag with a pumpkin shaped rice crispy treat (that she helped me make) and some little pumpkin candies, and candy corn.
For doing it in the middle of the day, with out Shaun's help, it seriously could not have gone any better.
And the best thing about it is it cost me less than 20 bucks for the whole party. I LOVE LOVE LOVE throwing parties, but sometimes I go way overboard, and they turn out being really expensive. I tried really hard to throw a "frugal" Pumpkin Party this year. Here's the breakdown:
Pumpkins - FREE from our garden
Paint/Brushes - FREE from my mom's school
Balloons - $1 (Dollar Tree)
Monster Mash Music - FREE from my mom's school
Treat Bags - FREE left over from something else
Rice Krispy Treat Ingredients - Food Storage (from couponing)
Candy Corn and Pumpkins - FREE left over from something else
Cheetos - $6 (Safeway)
Juice - $1 (Couponing at Albertson's)
Plates/Napkins - $2 (Dollar Store)
Bread - $1 (Wal-mart)
Ham - $3 (Safeway)
Tablecloths - $4.50
Pretty sad that the thing I spent the most money on was 3 different kinds of Cheetos for the Cheetos Medley! But all of the kids LOVE them!
So not only was the party a huge success, but Shaun will be proud that I didn't break the bank this time!
Last weekend we had our Elder's Quorum Halloween Party.
Shaun and I went as Mr. and Ms. Pacman!
(Shaun said I was biting his butt in this pic! haha!)

This pic was taken at the end after some had left. We had a great time playing pool, wii, and Partini. We also had some delicious food!
I love Halloween, because it's the beginning of all of the fun festivities that will take place through the remainder of the year.

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Desiree said...

That pumpkin party was so nice, and i loved how simple it was. I think it's good to have simple sometimes especially for the kids and our sanity, but it was also super festive. Good job!!

You guys had great costumes. We never found out who won the contests, but I definitely voted for you guys!