Monday, October 4, 2010

A Dream Come True (Through Shaun)

Ever since I had my first cake pop at my sister's wedding reception in Denver last December I have been obsessed with the blog Bakerella. She came to the Oregon coast this past weekend to teach some classes and I really wanted to go, but we had already planned our weekend in Sunriver. I really wanted her new Cake Pops book for Christmas, so when she added Portland to her book signing tour, I knew I needed to meet her.
The only problem is, it was today! I have several obligations on Mondays which made it impossible for me to go to the book signing and meet my blog idol! So my Husband of the Year did it for me! And he took pictures for me, with out me even asking. I have to admit, I thought about having him take some pictures, but thought it was bad enough that I made him leave work (and stand in a forever long line that wrapped around the store) to go do this for me. So he scored extra points with me for that!
Bakerella & My Man!
The Williams Sonoma book signing scene
My loot!
Bakerella gave Shaun the set of mini cookie cutters to make the cupcake pops because he was pretty much the only guy there, who wasn't accompanied by his girl.

And the signing. Emily! That's me!

This Cake Pops book is a favorite at our house. Maisey chose it as her book for bedtime! And Shaun's not making me wait until Christmas for it! He's excited to help me with my next baking project. YAY!!!


that's what she said...

that's cute! what an awesome husband you have! :)

Desiree said...

That's so neat. You have a great hubby! How fun that you got the book, I like Bakerella too. Maybe someday I'll try the cake balls again.

Monica McCoy said...

Way cool. What an awesome guy!

Randi said...

truly husband of the year.

Bryce and Jenalee said...

What a sweetie pie! Happy baking.

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Haha! That's so funny! Go Shaun! I want to thumb through your book sometime:)

Mason & Laura said...

aww Shaun deserves Husband of the Month award! How awesome!! And again I ask myself why I am doing the cakepop class for Super Saturday--when clearly it should be YOU. Is it too late to switch? :)