Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge: Day 2

We started the morning off just right: Cookies for breakfast!!!!!

Then we headed down to the water park!

Masiey loved doing the lilly pads, but wasn't brave enough to stand up on them.

Gagey hated his life jacket, it didn't last long!

Daddy and Gage waiting for the waves to start!

Maisey didn't like getting splashed in the face, so she spent a lot of her time sitting on the side of the pool!

Then she'd get too cold, so she'd dip in for just a minute, then return to her place up on the side.

Gagey, on the other hand, was a WILD man! He loved going down all the slides, he didn't care if he got squirted right in the face!

Gage would climb up the stairs to this slide all by himself, then barge through the line of kids, plop himself down, and SLIIIIIIIIIIIDE! He loved it! He even tried walking down the slide, then face planted it and still came up laughing and giggling!
We stopped swimming around 12:00 pm, grabbed some pizza for lunch, got ice cream and cupcakes one more time, then headed home!
I think Maisey had a lot of fun with the activities outside the pool, and Gage had a lot of fun in the pool! It was a really fun weekend, but I think we will wait maybe a year or two before going again! At this age, they weren't really ready to swim ALL day for 2 whole days! So I'm not sure we really got our money's worth. I would rather pay $15 for them to go swim at an aquatic center for a few hours then to spend all that money for Great Wolf Lodge!
P.S. The water was pretty cold! Gage's teeth were chattering, and I had goose bumps pretty much the whole time! The web-site said that the waterpark is 84 degrees! Yeah right! It was freezing!

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Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Looks like so much fun!! And those two are the cutest Mickey & Minnie ever!