Saturday, October 2, 2010

Conference Moment

Several months ago, we had a family home evening and learned about President Monson and his counselors. While looking at a picture, Maisey was able to identify each of them.

During this morning's session of General Conference, President Eyring conducted. Maisey said to me "Look Mommy, there's Follow the Prophet Eyring!" I said, "You mean President Eyring?"

Then during the opening song, the camera was panning through the choir, starting with the men. She saw a man wearing glasses and said, "There's another President Eyring" "There's another!" and so on. Then they were panning the women's side of the choir and she saw a lady wearing glasses. Maisey said, "There's a lady Eyring!"

It was really cute! Hey, and at least she was paying attention! (It didn't last too much longer!)


Anonymous said...

Love that little girl!!!

Randi said...

SO CUTE I love this story.