Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

I know I've posted a million things today! Just trying to catch up!
My Georgia Peach!
Piedmont, a hospital in ATL, is one of Shaun's clients that he is assigned to! Apparently they really like Shaun because they sent his boss an email telling him what a good job he does AND sent Shaun a bag of Georgia peaches! I'm hoping this results in a BIG Christmas bonus! :)
On another note: I know I say my kids are CRAZY. . . but here's more proof:
Tonight the kids were in the bath and I made Shaun come in the kitchen for a minute to show him something. All of a sudden Gage starts SCREAMING! I run in there to see what was wrong, and Maisey is "baptizing" him! Hand in the air and everything!

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The Benson Family said...

Holy cuteness! She is so smart! ;-) Poor Gage though, he had to be traumatized thinking his sister was trying to drown him! I love it!