Wednesday, August 10, 2011

6th Anniversary Getaway

Our 6th anniversary is this weekend, but because of our ward camp out that starts tomorrow, we decided to celebrate last weekend.

We follow the traditional anniversary gift list to inspire gift ideas each year. It's kind of a fun tradition! For the 6th anniversary the gift is sugar or candy related.

I went the cheesy route and made a cute candy-gram for Shaun!

And he went right for my heart by getting me See's!!! It's only taken him 6 years to get all of my favorites down! It was the perfect box. He's so awesome! (And somehow, there are still a few pieces left. It never lasts me a few days, let alone a whole week!)

We gave gifts to each other Thursday night then after Maisey's party on Friday, we headed out of town, ok, just barely out of town. It's only a couple exits up from our house, but it was a wonderful weekend! It also happened to be my birthday weekend, so all I wanted to do was shop!

I picked out these way cute shoes for my birthday!

We stopped at H&M! Best store ever! We also made a few other stops along the way and came home with a new chair, glasses for our kitchen, jeans, sweaters, hoodies, shirts, shoes, cleats (Shaun!), and kid's clothes! It is so much easier to shop with out one kid throwing cars across stores and then crying when you can't find them and the other one whining because I won't buy her some ugly interesting shirt or whatever it is she is begging for that day. Instead I just had one nice, patient husband who was happy to hand over the cash when he was asked! Like I said, a wonderful weekend!

After shopping and dinner, which was sub-par :(, we headed to our hotel! The Grand Hotel at Bridgeport! And it was awesome. We booked the King Jacuzzi Suite, but when we got there they upgraded us to the Deluxe King Jacuzzi Suite, complete with a fireplace.

It was a perfect place!!! 

We slept in on Saturday, ate a hot breakfast at the hotel, made a small stop at H&M again, then headed to Malibu Raceway! Shaun had never been before, and I hadn't been since I was 16! We had a great time and want to go back! Shaun's fastest time beat my fastest time by 4 seconds. He tells me I can't tease him for being a slow driver anymore!

After Malibu, we headed to downtown Portland for the Portland Saturday Market and some

Voodoo Doughnuts!!!

The doughnuts were way good but not worth the hour long line that we waited in. At least while we were waiting, my starring addiction got it's feed. There were plenty of interesting people to stare look at. Shaun had to keep reminding me to look away! Haha!

We left Portland to head home, but stopped at Costco first. Again, it was amazing how peaceful and enjoyable a trip to Costco can be with out the kids! 

Once we got home, the chaos began with a trip to Red Robin for dinner. After Red Robin, my mom and I went to the state Jr. Miss program that one of our friends was competing in. That was a fun way to spend my birthday evening.

The weekend was seriously incredible! I would do it all again in a heart beat! Anyone want to babysit next weekend?

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