Friday, August 26, 2011

FHE at the Temple

 Maisey has been begging all summer to go to the temple for a visit. Well, our temple has been closed all summer until just a few weeks ago. So the first Monday after it opened we headed up for a special FHE. We walked around the beautiful grounds, tried keeping Gage out of the fountain, talked about specials things that happen at the temple, tried keeping Gage out of the reflecting pool, and watched as Maisey pretended she was a bride and she sat on every white bench, posed, and asked me to take her picture!

 She will make a beautiful bride, someday!

 She was pretending Daddy was her groom!

After the temple we stopped at Divine Yogurt (I thought divine and the temple went hand-in-hand! Haha!) for a treat!

I think this was our best FHE ever!
(Minus Gage in the water!)

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