Friday, August 26, 2011


Sunriver was a blast, just as usual. It was definitely the busiest we've ever seen it. We actually had to pay to make tennis court reservations, which we've never had to do before. And to even find a court with an available reservation was tough! We also did a ton of other things that were way fun!

1. Getting delicious doughnuts from the bakery in the village!

2. Getting in lots of sweet baby time with my sister's new baby, Brock!

3. Eating ice cream with Aunt Spider on Thursday night.
 (btw, Kate is wearing my sweatshirt in this pic, and it kinda looks like me!)

4. And eating ice cream again on Saturday night!

5. Going on a long walk/run/bike ride with 3 adults and 3 kids while we let Daddy sleep in until 10:45 am!!!

6. Playing "This little piggy" with Baby Brock

7. Sneaking out to where the deer were

8. And watching 6 deer in a row!

9. Winning "Mom-of-the-year" award for going down the big water slide, which I didn't want to do, and holding Maisey up out of the water so her precious face didn't get wet, all the while I get the whole pool up my nose!

10. Swimming in the pool with the fam!

11. Watching Dad go down the slide over and over and over again with both kids.

12. Catching Maisey going down the tube slide by herself. This was more of my idea of having fun!

13. Watching Maisey, 2 years later, still giving a thumbs up with her pointer finger! 

14. Laughing at the kids giving each other rides in the John Deere!

15. Enjoying the new Cars Bouncy House!

16. "Hiking" in the village!

17. Hangin with Grammy, poolside!

18. Playing lots of games after kids went to bed, and dominating most of said games!

19. Beating Guitar Hero on medium!

20. And I think the funniest thing from the whole trip was that Kate adopted a new nickname - Aunt Spider! Gage says spider in this really funny growly voice and he kept saying it and pointing to Kate. We couldn't figure out why until we were at lunch one day and Kate's head was bent down and Gage did it again. She wears two bobby pins on the top of her head and they are crossed and apparently Gage thinks they look like a spider. Even since Kate left to go back to Idaho, Gage still says, "Aunt Spider, Baby, Buh Bye!" Sorry Kate, I think this one is going to stick!

We love going to Sunriver and we feel so grateful that we have the opportunity to do it so often! It is seriously one of the most peaceful and relaxing places that I have been to!

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that's what she said...

We have never been to sunrive before and now i totally want to go! looks like you had a blast!