Friday, August 5, 2011

Maisey's Pinkalicious Party

A few months ago, Maisey decided that she wanted a Barbie party. I dove right into planning it and we had decided to do a Barbie-Que. I had our guest list made, the location set, the menu picked out, it was going to be grand. And then I had an "Ah-Ha!" moment. I remembered my motto for 2011: Keep things simple! That Barbie party was going to be anything but simple. So Maisey and I sat down and talked about some other options. She wanted a Special Agent Oso party. I said no. We agreed upon the Pinkalicious party, and you can tell from the pictures below that it did not disappoint! 

We decided to keep the guest list limited to kids her age. Parties get too big and too out of control when we try and invite everyone! We had the perfect number of kids there! We decided to have the party in our backyard. We set up the food area on the deck.

 Maisey requested plain pink cupcakes and homemade strawberry lemonade (like Red Robin's)

 We set the table before the party started. In each of the pink caddies in the middle of the table were pink m&m's, pink jelly bellies, pink marshmallows, and pink animal cookies. Each place setting had a knife and little cup of pink frosting so each guest could decorate their own cupcake. We also had pink sprinkles and cherries to put on top!

This was the gift table

We started the party off by reading the Pinkalicious book! If you've never read it or heard of it, go here for a summary!

 Then we played Pinkalicious Bingo!

Maisey was smiling ALL morning long! 
That's what 4 year old birthday parties should be all about!

After Bingo, we played pin the cherry on the cupcake and all the kids had a great time!

 Then we sang Happy Birthday. . .

 . . .Let her blow out her candles. . .

 . . .And the kids got decorating!

Look at that concentration! 

 After cupcakes, all of the party guests posed for a group picture

then headed back to the grass to watch Maisey open her gifts. She got some really fun things that she couldn't wait to play with!

 We sent the kids home with cute treat bags full of green treats, just in case they ate too many pink things at the party.
(I forgot to take pics of the treat bags, pre-handing them out! This was Gage's which has been well loved by his little paws.)

Oh, and did I mention that this little sneak ate ALL of the cookies out of one of the caddies, before we even got to decorating the cupcakes?
The party was a HUGE success. And the nicest thing about it was I didn't stress one bit the morning of. Shaun took the day off of work so he was able to help with the set-up and my mom also came up early. Everything was so simple, but still so fun for the kids. I'm so glad we pulled an audible and decided on the Pinkalicious theme. All afternoon I just kept saying to Shaun, "I can't believe how easy and fun that party was!"
Maisey requested everyone in our family wear pink to the party. Well, her daddy didn't have anything pink except for his tie so Maisey asked him to wear it!
Don't my boys look so cute in pink?

Happy Birthday my Pinkalicious Maisey!
I'm glad you enjoyed your party!


Trevor and Amy said...

This is SO adorable! You are so creative!

The Benson Family said...

That is adorable! My niece loves that book! I read it to her three times in a row one day upon her request last time I visited! Super cute party! Good job!