Friday, August 26, 2011

August Randoms

 These are all pictures from my phone, but still things I wanted to document!

 Maisey's choice of outfits isn't getting much better. This is what she chose to wear today.
And yes, I took her to run errands looking like that!

 When Shaun's fam came, his dad and I were getting ready to go to Wal-Mart to get food for our campout and Maisey came running out and asked Papa if she went to Wal-Mart with us if she could ride a ride. Then she told him that I won't let her ride them because they cost money. She asked Papa if he had money and he said back to her jokingly, "I have lots of money!" Then Maisey went running into the playroom to tell her friend Peyton that they could go to Wal-Mart and ride the rides because her Papa has tons of money! It was really cute!

 I went in to get Gage up from nap one day and found Max like this!

 Nothin says summer time like a fresh peach shortcake from the Shortcake Stand at EZ Orchards! YUM!!!

 We went with the cousins to a lake to feed the ducks. Did you know baby ducks like to eat corn? We took some corn and some bread and the kids had a great time! 

We went to my mom's school a day this week and Maisey and Peyton took the tub of bugs and separated them into categories! It took the a while, but they were pretty proud of their accomplishment! They called it their bug party!

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