Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Maisey!

You are quite your own individual, but that's what I like about you. I mean, who else would wear white leggings with a short pink shirt, and Christmas socks pulled up over your leggings, in August? However, you think you are quite the fashionista! And, you still think some of your clothes are hanky!

You love to type. You only know how to spell a few words on your own, so you often drag your preschool pillow to the computer and type all of your friends' names, along with the poem that is on the pillowcase. 

You also like to text Daddy in the morning if he leaves before you wake up. The latest text from you to him reads: DadhOw.are YOU. Daddy loves to get these texts at work and you love it when he texts you back! It makes you feel pretty special.

You are really into sleepovers right now. You love having sleepovers at Grammy's house and you can't wait to have a sleepover with Madi at our house in a few weeks. We have already had to have the discussion about how we only have sleepovers with girls. Oy!

Here is your 4 year old Birthday Interview (word for word):
* What are some things you like to do? Well, let me see here. . . playing my new Silverlicious game, and reading my Silverlicious book. Oh, and watching The Little Mermaid show and playing the Wii at Grammy's.
* What things do you like to do around the house? Oh, well I like playing dress-up and I like reading all of Gage's books in his room, so and I like to do yoga on my green yoga mat.
* What are some of your favorite foods? FOODS, well, grapes, and green grapes, mac n' cheese, grilled cheese but only with cheddar cheese, raisins and hotdogs, pizza, pepperoni and watermelon (that's what she calls pineapple)
* What do you like to wear? Um, dresses, my Disneyland shirt, skirts, and um, k let me think, my Tinkerbell outfit, and my white leggings.
* What’s your favorite color? Yellow and pink with white polka dots like my floaty
* Where are some of your favorite places to go? Well, Pump it Up, uhhh, Northwest Kids Club, Wal-Mart, that's my favorite place to get toys, Idaho, Colorado, the condo by The Little Mermaid and stuff, Old McDonald's, Panda, Red Robin, and Petco and that's it.
* What things make you happy? Happy? Well, when a person does silly things to me it makes me happy. And when you rock me in the rocking chair and watch TV. And when Peyton comes to our house all the time.
* What makes you sad? When Gagey hits me. When other people hit me. When I was younger I used to not like characters so they used to make me sad that time, but now I like them.
* What do you do when you are sad? I just um, go somewhere else.
* What do you do when you are mad? Well, like when Gagey hits me I just walk away. And it makes me stomp my feet.
* Who are your best friends? Peyton, Sadie, and her friend Riley, Porter, Madi, Jack, and Alex. 
* What are your favorite movies or TV shows? Brain Surge, Wipeout, Tangled, Sid the Science Kid, Max and Ruby, and Dora, Disney Princesses, and don't forget Tinkerbell, and the Disney Christmas parade.
* What are your favorite books? The number and the letter books, my Friend magazine, Pinkalicious, Purplicious, Goldilicious, and Silverlicious.
* What are your favorite songs? Um, I don't know mom. My preschool songs, and well, I Lived in Heaven, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the ABC's because I totally rock it, and that's is.
*What is the best thing about having a birthday? When you get to be the older sister and you get bigger than your little brother. And playing games at my party. 

Happy Birthday my beautiful 4 year old!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Maisey!

The Fast Family said...

Loved her interview! Happy Birthday Maisey!

Trevor and Amy said...

I loved the interview idea! How cute!

that's what she said...

awww-happy birthday big girl! love hearing all the things that go on in their heads, lol.

Desiree said...

The interview is cute. The part where she said "it makes me stomp my feet" was cute.