Friday, August 26, 2011

Ward Campout - Bar View Jetty

Our ward campout was just north of Tillamook so we decided to go a day early and hit up the Tillamook Cheese Factory on our way. For how obsessed Gage and I are with Tillamook cheese, I can't believe we've never been. We ate at their little cafe area. Everyone got a variation on the delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. Then we headed on the factory tour, which ended in a cheese sampling bar. YUM! After the tour we all settled down for some ice cream.

Peyton, Maisey and Gage inside the loaf van.

 Look at all that cheese!

 Sample bar!

These bricks were the size that Costco sells and my kids could barely lift them! 

 Ice Cream!
(oh yeah, did I mention Shaun's fam came with us on the campout? We all had a great time!)

 My mom drove out to do the factory with us, but then went back home! No camping for her!

Gage ate all of his cone, then happily finished off Peyton's, then Maisey's!

After the factory, we headed to our campground. It was definitely sandy! I wasn't used to camping on the beach! We got our camp all set up, roasted bratwursts for dinner, played games and crashed the first night. The next day was followed by more games, naps, playing at the beach, and a cheerleading show put on by Maisey and some other girls from the ward!

 See! This is our tent, and that is the sand!

Maisey found some crab pinchers! I'm surprised she touched them!

She also got the dirtiest I've ever seen her! The picture doesn't even do it justice!

The cheerleading show - complete with lifts and all!

 Playing at the beach doesn't mean playing in the ocean. The kids found these little pools in the sand to be much warmer than the ocean water!

 Daddy and Maisey built a beautiful sandcastle. . .

. . . and seconds later, Gage came by and made sure to crush every mound. 

Hoodies at the beach in August is inevitable in Oregon! Brrrrr, it was cold!

My cutie little boy on the beach at sunset!
We took off pretty early Saturday morning and stopped at the cheese factory one more time for some lunch and ice cream, then enjoyed a peaceful quiet ride the whole way home!

And it's two weeks later and we are still finding sand everywhere!

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