Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

I've kinda been avoiding the blog lately! I have soooo much to post on and we've gone on 2 trips since I updated last.

We have officially retired our suitcases for the summer! We actually took them out to the garage, and when I did laundry this week, I put clothes away in drawers and not right back into suitcases like I have done ALL summer! I'm not going to lie, it feels nice.

I'm ready to be done with summer and to have the routine of the school year! I think the busy-ness of the summer is catching up with me. I actually took a nap yesterday for the first time in months! My house is suffering, my yard is suffering, our dinners are suffering (apparently you can't eat oatmeal for dinner every night of the week), like I said, I'm just ready for fall!

I love the fall holidays, I love the cozy evenings on the couch cuddled up to the hubs (it's hard to cuddle when it's 87* inside your house!), I love the shopping, and the fall activities. I may sound crazy, but I'm looking forward to that first good fall rain! Before anyone hurts me for saying that I'll change the subject.

The last scheduled thing that I have is my Triathlon next weekend, and I just can't wait for it to be over. Honestly, I wish it was this weekend so it would be out of my mind! I put my running shoes on the other morning to go work out and my mosquito bites were so bad by the time I walked from my room to the front door I had to take them off. I haven't done anything all week, which isn't good. I'm hoping to get out for a real good workout on Saturday morning.

Oh, and about my bites. They are slowly getting better. I only woke up once last night because my one foot bumped a large bite on the heel of my other foot. The pharmacist recommend this stick thing called After Bite. It worked for about ten minutes before I had to reapply. It smelled like straight ammonia, so I was a little worried about putting it on my skin as much as I was, but it did help.

Maisey is really into drawing all of the sudden. Some of her pictures are actually legible! When I post about Sunriver I will have to put up a picture she drew while we were there. It was great!

Gage is going through this HUGE separation anxiety thing. Boo! Insert lots of hysterical crying here.

I'm picking up 40 lbs of peaches tomorrow and I'm going to attempt to can them. I also ordered pears that I will get in a couple of weeks. I've never canned before, so this will be quite the experience. Luckily there are people in my ward who are willing to teach me! Thank goodness for good friends!

Those are a few of my thoughts. When I get around to it, there will be lots of posts coming!

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