Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Christmas morning started off a little different than normal. Daddy left early in the morning and came home with. . .
Aunt Janel!!!!
The kids were so excited to see her and to share Christmas with her.
Once Daddy and Janel made it back from the airport, the kids got to come out and see what Santa brought them. They must have been on Santa's good list this year!
Santa brought Maisey a bike, a swim suit, and a few other stocking stuffers.
Gage also got a new bike, swim suit, and some other fun little things.
Miley got a new kitchen, a swim suit, and some little elmo toys.
The reason Santa brought the kids swim suits is because he was sending them to Great Wolf Lodge for a weekend. The kids were soooooo excited!
The note from Santa!
Here's Maisey discovering what the count down chain was all about! She remembered the last time we went so she was especially excited!
Santa gave Gage the Planes movie and he couldn't wait to watch it!
Checking out their new "big" bikes!
Miley got some Janel snuggles!

After checking out what Santa brought, we got to skype with Uncle Nathaniel who is serving his mission in Pennsylvania.
After skyping, we had a yummy breakfast.
Then we got to the good stuff, opening gifts from eachother.
Gage made this plate at his preschool and I LOVED it!!
Gage gave Shaun this Star Wars Lego set.
Funny Story: The day that Gage wrapped it up and put it under the tree we talked about how we keep gifts a secret. Of course that night at dinner Gage says to Shaun, "Daddy, I got you Legos under the tree!" I told him he wasn't supposed to tell Daddy and he said, "Mom, I didn't tell him they were Star Wars Legos!" while he was sitting at the table with us! Haha!
We made Janel a Shutterfly book about how great of an aunt she is!
Miley was so funny and everytime she opened clothes she tried to put them on.
Maisey picked out a Play-doh set for Gage and you can tell by his face how much he loved it! They played with this set all afternoon making breakfast for everyone.
Maisey (with my help) made Miley an ABC picture/sticker book. It is Miley's new favorite book.
Here Gage is opening his "toy" gift from Mom and Dad. It is a new Hot Wheels track where the car changes colors by light. He was thrilled!
Miley needed a little break from opening gifts!
Maisey was so excited to get a Saige doll and a book from Grammy!
And Grammy gave Miley this little puppy which she instantly fell in love with.

Here's the classic "baby likes box better than toy" picture!
And the best gift of the day: The Game of Life from Janel! Maisey had told me a week before Christmas that she reeeeaally wanted this game but I was already done shopping for her, so I passed the idea on to Janel! Maisey was so excited when she opened it that she almost started crying. It was pretty cute!
Shaun and I did pretty well, too. He gave me this necklace with all three kids' names on it, along with some other nice things.
Shaun got a new blue suit with a white shirt and bow tie, and some other fun things.
 And this ended Christmas morning!
We all rested in the afternoon.

Then we headed outside for the kids to try out their new bikes!
We finished the night with Christmas Tree shaped meatloaf for dinner and then played games!
Christmas 2013 is going down in the books as the most fun yet!


Desiree said...

What a fun Christmas! Love the tree meatloaf shape idea, that's cute.

Danielle said...

looks like a perfect Christmas! and we totally have that same play dough set! my kids LOVE it!

DaNae said...

We have that same pink kitchen, lots of hours of fun. Sounds like a great Christmas.