Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year's Eve

We (plus Janel, Kelsey, and Brian) went tubing at Ski Bowl New Year's Eve morning, and we had the best time. We may just make that our New Year's Eve tradition! It was a perfect kids activity and a perfect adult activity!

We didn't really get any "in-action" shots because we were all riding together, and you had to clear out from the bottom of the hill before the next group could go down, but we still got a lot of other pictures.

 Before we started!

 Janel and Gage riding the conveyor lift up the mountain!

 Kelsey totally fell Home Alone style and we all had a good laugh!

 Maisey loved riding down the hill with Brian. Neither liked to be very adventerous!

 Maisey and I riding the lift up!

 These kiddos got free rides everywhere! Good thing there were five adults to take turns with!

 Maisey and Janel getting ready for their ride!

 Gage was hilarious because after the first ride, he wanted to go by himself and he wanted to be spun down the hill. He is definitely our wild child!

 It was such a fun day!

 Thankfully Grammy kept the two babes at home! 

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging around until it was time to get ready for our New Year's Eve celebration, which kind of turned into a joke!

We had leftovers for dinner, because we already had dinner plans the next two nights, and then we were leaving for Great Wolf Lodge, so I wanted to clean out the fridge. 

 Then we played The Game of Life

 and roasted marshmallows on our new S'mores maker we got for Christmas.

At 8:30, we pulled out Shaun's laptop to watch the Eastern time of the Times Square celebrations.
 It worked for a few minutes but the connection kept cutting out.
So we decided to You Tube a video of the ball dropping and Maisey noticed it said 2012 in the video. Not about to get gyped on New Year's Eve, she demanded the 2014 version, which took us several tries to find!

We finally found one and sent the kids off to bed.

In the chaos of it all, we may have forgotten our New Year's Eve horns and our sparkling cider.

Like I said, our New Year's Eve was kind of a joke!

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