Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January - Week 1

 On New Year's Day, the Salem Carousel had free rides, so we headed down there. 

 The big kids loved it, Miley, not so much!

 She much preferred sneaking the bowl of grapes when we got home. This girl is always in the fridge!!!

We had a nice New Year's dinner with my mom and Kelsey and Brian and then we played games!

 The first was The Game of Life. Anyone surprised? I think everyone has hit their Life quota for the year and it's only mid January!

After we put kids to bed, we started playing other games!

 First up was Telestrations! Best Game Ever! It's a mix of telephone and pictionary. Here Janel drew "Break a Leg" and I had to write my guess down on the next page.

This was my response. I meant Tiny Tim, but didn't realize until the end what I wrote! Haha! We had all sorts of laughs!

 We also played another game called Likewise. We had to draw cards and write down the first thing that popped into our heads and then if we matched someone else's answer we got a point. My mom's answer for weird + dance was twerking! I didn't even know she knew what the was! Haha!

I told Gage he needed his hair cut before Great Wolf Lodge, so of course he waited and waited until as long as he could. He wrapped himself up in a towel and told me I was only allowed to cut the hair that was showing. I don't think so bud!!!

For the rest of this week, see the Great Wolf Lodge post!

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