Thursday, January 16, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

 On our way up to Great Wolf Lodge we stopped in downtown Portland to get Voodoo Doughnuts! That was a great learning experience for both kids. We parked on the street and before we knew it, Gage had opened his door (on the street side) and had hopped out of the van! He was ready for his doughnuts!!! He didn't realize there was a car coming, which made for a very scary few seconds! EEK! And Maisey had her first encounter with a homeless person and asked lots of questions!

 Luckily we made it back to the van safely, with these babies in hand! :)

 A couple of hours later, we were there! Our room was ready right away, so we got settled in and changed and headed to the water park! 

And this is the part where you just have to imagine us going down slides, playing in the wave pool, watching the large bucket dump 1000 gallons of water on the splash pad, etc. We did get a few pics on Janel's real camera, maybe I will update this when she sends them to me.

 We headed to dinner, where Miley scarfed down a plate of mac n' cheese!

 The kids got balloon animals, and in Gage's case, a sword.

 And the big kids enjoyed the clock show and story time while Miley slept in our room with Daddy who was watching bowl games.

 It started "snowing" during the clock show and all of the kids went wild! 

 Photo Op with Rachel Raccoon

 After story time there was a kids dance party! Gage stayed and danced to one song then asked to go back to go to bed. But Maisey stayed longer and got her groove on! :)

 The next morning the kids all wore their swimsuits that Santa brought for them. They were excited to hit the pool again.

 She is all about the food!

 I took a few pics on my phone the second day.

 Gage and Miley both loved the wave runners. They would squirt each other on them.

 Maisey was a good sport and hung out in the kiddie area when there wasn't an adult to take her somewhere else. 

 Janel with the kids! It was soooo nice having a third adult there. The one adult to one kid ratio is really optimal in places like this!

After a full day of swimming, we headed home. Everyone was so exhausted! We dropped Janel off at the airport on our way home so she could continue on her trip. The kids were so sad to see her leave, and so was I!!

We had soooo much fun on our little weekend away! Thanks Santa for making it happen!

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Danielle said...

a third adult! living the GWL dream!!! we've never been able to go like that but I wish we could. and that voodoo experience-scary! glad everything worked out alright! my fave is the chocolate ganache with pb and oreo....mmm. it's a good thing it's not a close drive!