Thursday, January 16, 2014

January - Week 2

 Movin on up! These two moved up to new primary classes this week. Gage is now in CTR 4 and Maisey is in CTR 6, and she just happens to have the best teachers ever, ahem, Shaun and I!! :) 

 And Miley wasn't about to be left out of the pictures! Love these three!!!

 Daddy's are the best for horsey rides!

 Gage's meltdowns have really slowed down in frequency since he has started at his new school. I'm not sure if there are a lot more kids in his class and he sees how they behave, or if his teachers do things differently, or if he is just growing up, but I've definitely been pleased with his progress. BUT, when he does have one, he is still out of control and this week was one of those. And it was SO.EMBARRASSING. We were at the Target Pharmacy and there were like three people in front of me in line. So I pulled out my stash of smarties from my purse and gave a pack to Gage and Miley. Gage dropped one of his smarties on the floor, and excuse the language, but all hell broke loose! Seriously, over a smartie!! People were starring as he was thrashing around in the basket, punching things, and screaming at the top of his lungs! When it was finally my turn at the counter, the pharmacy technician took FOREVER to check me out. Seriously, do I need to verify my birthday, address, and phone number when I've only ever had to do one of those? No I don't want to get a flu shot when my four year old is out of control. And, No I don't need to talk to a pharmacist about a medication I have been taking for the last EIGHT years!!!! Just get me out of here! Ok, rant over.
He had snapped out of it by the time we got home, but it just put me in a sour mood all day.

 This girl is seriously such a sneak! 
We had a fridge lock, but it only lasted 2 days before it broke! :( 3

 Sometimes she wishes she was a big kid and could join in the big kid fun! 

 My little cookie monster helped me shop for treats for the weekend.

I taught art in Maisey's class! We made name snowmen. They were very cute, but took a ridiculous amount of prep work. I will definitely remember this when planning future art projects! :)

The big kids got to hang with Grammy all weekend while Shaun, Miley and I headed to Utah. 

That post is coming up!

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Danielle said...

deja vu! I swear I just wrote a similar blog about a bad pharmacy experience where they take FOREVER and you've got psychotic acting kids. glad it's over. and I love that you took a picture. I'm usually giving my kids the 'I'm going to spank your bottom look with my eyes' too much to pull out my phone. haha....