Tuesday, January 7, 2014

December - Week 2

This week started off with some Christmas craft projects on Sunday morning. We had a painting kit and an ornament kit so they took turns completing each project! 

Their finished ornaments.

Gage took the wisemen for a ride on in the caboose. 

I don't have a picture of this, but Sunday was a big day for us! Shaun was released as Elder's Quorum President in our ward! He has served in this capacity for 4.5 years! It hasn't always been easy, but our family has really been blessed because of his service. And I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to have him home on Sunday mornings to help me get kids ready for 8 am church!!! Last time we had 8 am church I flew solo with a toddler and a baby. 

Miley is famous for taking half-headed selfies or random pics of the floor/wall/ceiling and posting them to instagram with out me knowing. I find them hours later then have to go through and delete them all.

Every year we let the kids each pick out a new ornament that represents what they have been interested in that year. We usually do it as a Family Home Evening. We start ornament shopping at Target and then drive around a Christmas light route right next to Target. Well, this year the selection of ornaments at our Target wasn't very great, but the big kids each settled on very fragile glass ornaments. Maisey's was a high heel and Gage's was Batman. Maisey's broke before we even made it out of the Christmas section so we decided not to buy ornaments at Target. Of course that caused a tantrum from Gage who really wanted his batman ornament. I promised I would take him to Wal-mart the next day and let him pick out a batman ornament there. So, as promised on Tuesday we went ornament shopping. They had batman, superman, Planes characters, Toy Story characters, Cars characters, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse. No, he wanted this giant gold sparkly bulb. There was no way of talking him out of it. So, that's what his 2013 ornament is. At least it will make for a funny memory.

Miley's dog almost got left behind in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Good thing I spotted it after I pulled out of my spot or we would have had one sad little girl! (BTW, that dog went straight in the wash when we got home. Look how dirty the ground is!)

Gage's giant bulb hanging from the tree. He loved to show that thing off to everyone who came over!

Uh-oh! Anyone want to guess why we have a bag full of rice on our counter? Maybe because our 4 year old dropped the iPod touch in the toilet (which also had pee and poop in it!!!). We waited four days to turn it back on but it was a no go! :(

I tried a new recipe at the suggestion of my sister and it was AMAZING! It's a copy cat of Winger's sticky finger salad. I know it is good if Shaun approves of something that includes lettuce! He even took the leftovers for work the next day, which is really saying something!

We had Shaun's work Christmas party, which is always a blast! We didn't win anything this year, but we had fun bowling, playing 4-man pacman with some friends, and dominating the blackjack tables!

Remember how last week ended with a cute babe playing in the bathtub? This time, the water was running and I wasn't fast enough getting her undressed. This girl sure loves the bath!

After I got her out and dressed, she went and climbed back in! It was still wet on the bottom so her jammies got wet. :( It's so hard to keep the bathroom door shut when you have two other kids who "forget" to shut it on their way out!

I did these cute stockings in Maisey's class for art! Some kids really took their time with the sewing, and others had no clue what they were doing. 

It was fun to see how individual they all came out.

Our power company was installing new street lamp heads on each of the lamp posts in our neighborhood. Gage was memorized watching them out the kitchen window.

Gage's preschool class made stone soup and had a pajama day! He loved being able to stay in his jammies all day!

Maisey made a play-doh dress for her Barbie. This girl is a creator!

This is what we took to our Elder's Quorum Christmas party. This is our last Elder's Quorum activity that we ever have to be in charge of! Woohoo! 

Grammy took the big kids to a live nativity display while we were at the Elder's Quorum Party. The kids really enjoyed it and it was fun to hear what they had to say when we got home.

These kids were being really silly Saturday morning. They were playing space rangers, can't you tell by their goggles and helmets?

On Saturday, we headed to Bridgeport Village to ride the train! 

So excited!

Cute kiddos!

We took a fun family picture in the elevator.
(btw, do you see the lunch in my hands? Some how Shaun talked me into getting Korean burritos??? for lunch. Yeah, they were just about as gross as they sound!)
Our week finished off with a girls night to Panera Bread and the Nutcracker Ballet. Maisey is so awesome, and such a great helper around the house that I wanted to treat her to a fun girls night out! This was the perfect night. It was so fun to see her on the edge of her seat at the ballet. Oh, to be six again!
(Please ignore the photo bomber in the background!)

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Danielle said...

love all the updates. sounds like a busy, but fun, December! And dang, EIGHT am church?! Do you even have any teenagers there when it starts, lol?