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December - Week 4

Week 4 minus Christmas Day and New Years Eve

 Christmas Sunday! I was asked to speak on this day. My topic was Making Christmas last all year.

 Sunday evening we delivered treats to our friends. This year we went with popcorn, candy, and a redbox code!

 Also on Sunday evening, we skyped with Grandma and Papa Grimmett and the kids got to open their Christmas  gift from them early. They were so excited! Maisey got a vintage holiday barbie which she was thrilled with and an engineering set called Goldiblocks (which her and Janel built later in the week).

 Gage got a marshmallow gun and a GI Joe helicopter! Both provided hours of entertainment for him!

 And Miley got her very own fuzzy pillow which she carried around the house for days!

 Monday morning, our first official day of break, the big kids woke up early. I laid in bed until Miley woke up and when I got up the kids had set up Home Alone style traps for me down the hall. It was pretty funny.

The kids played with this marshmallow gun all morning! Gage would shoot them out and the girls would run around picking them up and eating them!

 Monday evening was our Christmas FHE. Each person got to choose what they wanted to do. Maisey read a book called The Christmas Baby. Then she read a story about the 12 days of Christmas as Miley's thing.

Gage sang two songs, Ring Those Bells and Jingle Bells.
(Note to self, don't let your elf TP your tree when you will be taking pictures and videos with it. Ooops!)

 Grandma read a story called Christmas at Grandma's! 

 Daddy read Luke 2 while he helped the kids act it out with the little people nativity.

 And we ended with my activity: Christmas bingo and sugar cookies!

 They love decorating cookies!

 Christmas eve morning turned out to be different then we planned. Miley and Gage got to play at Grandma's for a bit so I could run Maisey to the doctor, and it turns out she had a double ear infection! Yuck!

After the doctor, I dropped Maisey off at Grandma's and picked up Miley. Grandma took the two older kids to see Frozen, and I took Miley home for a nap and so I could "prepare" some Christmas things.

 That afternoon we met up with some friends to go caroling at a retirement home in town.

 After dinner, we headed down to Keizer to look at the lights. This time we counted how many nativities we saw. 29!

 The kids were very sleepy on the drive home!

 As soon as we got home they wrote their letter to Santa, put out some milk and cookies, and set out their stockings. 

 We had been tracking Santa all day on my phone. Even after the kids went to bed I kept tracking him! I think it is so fun!

For Christmas day, see different post!

 December 26th marked the 6th year of my dad's death. It never really gets easier. :( 

 The kids picked out balloons to take to Papa. Maisey's went flying into the sky as soon as the van door opened. I knew she would be really sad about it so I told her that sometimes that's what families do. They send balloons up to heaven for the people they love. So of course, that's what Gage wanted to do to! 

 We watched that balloon until it went out of sight and the kids were sure Papa received it! :)

 On Friday, we headed to the library for some puppet shows, lego building, and book reading!

 Of course, out of all of the books in the library, Gage picks out a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen one! 

 During quiet time that day Maisey and Janel worked on the Goldiblocks set that she got for Christmas.

 After dinner, we let the kids demolish the gingerbread house! That is so gross to me, but they ate most of it!

 Also on Friday, we watched the BYU bowl game. They lost to Washington, Boo! 

 After the kids went to bed we played a new game that Shaun got for Christmas, called Family Business. My mob was the top mob all night! Go Murder Inc!!!

 On Saturday we headed to the Gilbert House! Shaun and Gage got their grooves on in the light room!

 Janel and the girls checking out the huge rocking chair!

 The train room is always a family favorite!

 But this time, Daddy built Gage a huge house, which really distracted him from the trains!

 Maisey put on a play for Janel.

 Shaun took the kids home after the Gilbert House and Janel and I headed to get belated birthday pedicures!

 This was the first time that all 3 kids were playing the same thing and not fighting! It's fun to see Miley so in to coloring now. She really is growing up!

 After the kids went to bed we worked on the BYU puzzle that we got for Christmas! Once it was completed it was fun to see all of the things the creators snuck into the puzzle. We found the three Nephites, some prophets, a few old BYU quarterbacks, Phil Mickelson, Donny and Marie Osmond, and a bunch of couples making out! That was a really fun puzzle!

On Sunday, I ran down to urgent care and found out I, too, had a double ear infection. :( Then I ran back home so Shaun and I could go to the sacrament meeting of a girl that Shaun baptized a few years ago. She was turning 16 and she told her parents that for her birthday she wanted them to go to church with her. They said they would only go if Shaun and I came too. So even though I was totally not feeling well, I sucked it up and we went. Sacrament meeting was AMAZING and there were messages shared that were perfect for her parents to hear! Tender mercies!

 On Monday, we met up with some friends at a bounce house place. It was fun catching up with everyone, but all of my pictures didn't turn out!

 This one is blurry but I like it because Shaun's cousin (someone besides mommy) is actually touching Miley and she is not crying! Baby steps!

After the bounce house place Janel took the kids home, and I headed to the airport to pick up my sister and her family. Their flight was delayed an hour so I stopped at IKEA! Do you know how amazing it is to go to that store without kids hanging from you? So amazing that I actually got to look around and I discovered this hazelnut chocolate bar. The whole thing was gone by the time I got to the airport, which is about 3 minutes away! :)

For Dec 31, see the New Year's Eve post!

And December is officially over!


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