Wednesday, January 8, 2014

December - Week 3

Sunday evening, Maisey and I headed to our Stake's Christmas fireside! Great company, great music, great message! Love this girl!

Gage finished off the rest of the red velvet cheese ball that I made for the Elder's Quorum Christmas party. That boy is crazy!

On Monday, I helped at Gage's school. This is his cyclops reindeer!

He got to be the calendar helper that day! 

This week was also school spirit week at Maisey's school. Monday was pajama day!

For FHE the kids made their gingerbread house! Correction: Maisey and Gage made the house, while Miley tried to shove as much candy in her mouth as she could!

On Tuesday we visited Grammy for lunch at her school!

Tuesday was twin day, and Maisey was twins with her teacher. Black shirt, jeans, and black boots! Maisey loves that her teacher is into fashion!

Little miss independent won't let us feed her yogurt anymore, she has to feed herself. This usually results in a huge mess and a bath!

Gage's class at school is called the "Bat" class. Each kid was given a bat to decorate and to tell about themselves. We turned Gage's into a Bat-Mobile. . . get it? I thought I was pretty clever!

Wednesday was crazy hair day! We ratted her hair all out then sprayed it hot pink! She had been waiting for this day since I bought the can of spray after Halloween on clearance!

It was pretty pink, and she was in heaven!!!!

Miley got caught touching the presents! Doesn't she look so innocent? :)

The kids love to hide between the garage door and the laundry area when Shaun gets home from work. He walks in and pretends like he doesn't know where they are and gets all scared when they jump out at him! It's a daily occurence!

For mutual on Wednesday, we had a nice dinner, made by the young men, and then went caroling to the two families that were involved in the horrible farm accident in September! 

We put Gage to bed in his bed and when we went back to bed hours later, we found him in our bed!

Thursday was sports day at school! Go Beavers!!!

Gage had a play date on Thursday. They made these giant gingerbread men and then played play-doh for the next two hours!

They used 25 cans of play-doh and made plates and plates of cookies! They pretended that Gage's dresser was their oven. I love when kids play well together and use their imaginations! 

Our new TV can play videos from YouTube, so now Miley gets to watch Charlie on the big screen! Baby heaven!

Friday was class color day, and the first grade color was purple!!! Maisey couldn't have been any more excited! 

Gage's Christmas program and class party was this day! They sang a few songs and acted out a story as their teacher read it.

Then we got to the party! My station was the ornament painting station.

I thought it was funny that Gage made his fruit kabob with tons of strawberries on it. He doesn't even like strawberries!

Miley met a new little friend who was born just days before she was. They were so cute together!

Friday must had been an exhausting day for Miley because she was practically begging to go to bed! What 19 month old does that?

Late Friday night I was reminded of why I HATE going to Wal-Mart during December! It was crazy there!

Saturday night Shaun and I headed to the BYU v. U of O basketball game in Eugene. We went with some friends, and also met some friends there. BYU was ahead all game until the last 10 seconds. Oregon tied it up and we went into overtime. BYU ended up losing. Bummer!!!

Our friends, Andrew and Katrina, came down from Washington for the game!

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