Tuesday, January 7, 2014

December - Week 1

 The very first day of December was a Sunday, so the kids got all dressed up in their Christmas clothes!

 That night we decorated the house and the Christmas tree. Maisey wore the tree skirt for her own skirt!

 My nativity collection! 
I get a new nativity every year. This year's new one was on the fourth shelf down. It's a metal framed picture that says "Oh Holy Night" on it!

 The kids decided to trade off years putting the star up. It was Gage's turn this year.

 Gage liked to hang all of his bulbs in one spot!

 Ta-Da! The kids had a blast decorating the tree!

 Miley had her 18 month checkup during this week. She decided to poop while we were waiting for the doc to come in and my diapers and wipes were out in the car. She sure knows how to embarrass her mama!

 My husband is the best when it comes to helping me out! Doesn't matter if it's cleaning or crafting, he is willing to help. This night he helped make a sample art project while I made some things for our ward Christmas party that the YW's presidency was in charge of.

 Art in Maisey's class! The kids made carolers holding sheet music! 

 They all turned out so cute!

  After art, I started popping popcorn because my friends were coming over to help make 75 bags of flavored popcorn for the Santa gift bags at the ward party. My other little helper, Miley, ate most of the first batch. 

 This is how I found her after nap time! She is so silly sometimes!

 We had a pretty cold week, well, cold for us! There were a few days where we didn't make it above freezing. Brrrrrr!

 My sweet neighbor knitted hats for each of my kids during this cold weather. You can't really tell, but Gage's is a train conductor hat. It is so cute. And Maisey's is the shape of a cupcake, but she wore her's to school that day.

A friend came over to help Shaun mount our new tv on our wall! It's nice to have it up and out of the way now, and to not have to wipe little hand prints off of it all the time!

 We had snow in our forecast on Friday, and we got just a light dusting. But about 20 miles south of us got like 10"! Gage loved dancing around in the snow before school!

 The ward party went so well! The food was good, the company was good, the entertain was good! I'd say it was a success!

 Except for I went early to set up and this is how Gage showed up to the party. Church shoes and no socks! Haha! 

 All of the primary kids singing! Maisey's on the far left and Gage is third in from the right.

 A pretty cute Santa photo!
 On Saturday morning, a local shop was having story time with Mrs. Claus and I thought it would be fun to take the kids. Well, Gage was in one of his "moods" and Miley wasn't that interested in the story. But Maisey loved it! :)

 Miley was trying to be brave for a picture!

 And this week ends with Miley playing in the bathtub. At least there isn't any water in it. . . this time!

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Danielle said...

ha-deja vu! totally had the poop at the doctor's office with no wipes or diapers. I carry a lot less around with my 3rd child than my 1st. which sometimes means even the basics. as long as I remember all the kids, it's good, right? ;)