Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Better late than never!

It was a crazy busy weekend, so I'm finally getting the Halloween pics up!

We started Halloween bright and early with a quick errand, than Maisey's gymnastics! I was getting her dressed in the morning and asked if she wanted to wear her Halloween clothes or her gymnastics clothes. Her response was, "Mommy, I wear both!" So she went to gymnastics looking like. . .. . . this! (Yes those are pumpkin pants!)
We then went to the church to help our friend set up the carnival for later that night. After that, we headed down to Salem to watch our cousin's football game. We brought him and his sister back up to our house. Everyone took naps except Alex and Shaun who watched football, while I headed back to the church to help somemore.
At 4, we headed to dinner with some friends (kids in costumes ate free), then we went straight to the Halloween Carnival. Once again, Maisey was so so so excited--even more so because she got to bring her trick-or-treating bucket with her this time!

Shaun, Gage, Maisey, and Madi doing the cupcake walk.

This was the only group shot we got, but I am a referee, Shaun is Bronco Mendenhall, Gage is a BYU football player, and Maisey is the cheerleader.

Then we threw the Beaver's head coach (Alex) and a Beaver's cheerleader (Madi) into the mix!
After the carnival and trunk-or-treat at the church we hit up some neighborhoods! Alex and Madi had a great time running from house to house! Maisey did too but by the end her little legs were so tired of trying to keep up with the bigger kids all night.

Maisey and Porter paused toward the end to take a picture. Doesn't Maisey look so tired?

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