Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Christmas Tree Adventure

We ventured out to Palmer's Christmas Tree Farm this morning to pick out the perfect tree for our home! I love Palmer's Tree Farm because they shake the tree, bind the tree, put this totally awesome stand on it for you, and load it on/in your car for you. Once you pick out the tree and cut it, there is no work! You just get to stand around and watch and drink complimentary hot chocolate. Yum!
This is our day in pictures!

Daddy went out to the shed to get our Christmas tree stand from last year, so the kids came out to play too. Gage loved the slide! (I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite picture of Gage!)

Maisey enjoyed herself too!

Once we got to the tree farm we got our saw and cart and treked through the mud to find the perfect tree! Maisey was quite the helper pushing the cart!

Maisey claimed to have found the perfect tree for us!

This is our tree!

Maisey is watching Daddy very intently, as he cuts the tree down.

Daddy even let Maisey help a little!

Our kids were so happy . . .

. . . and excited to get the Christmas season started!

Brother Man was so happy to be with Grammy!

While we were waiting for our tree to get all ready for us to take home, Maisey and I walked in the barn area and found this pink princess tree. . .

. . . and this orange Beaver's tree! (They had a green Duck's one too, but that wasn't picture worthy!)
The kids were so good, the weather was absolutely beautiful! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day at the Christmas Tree Farm!


Desiree said...

Awesome! Those are truly some adorable pictures of the kids. That's a nice tree! Yes, a green ducks tree is definitely not picture worthy :-)

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

GO BEAVS!!!!!!