Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My thoughts from today

BOOOOOO Yankees! -- that's all I'm going to say!

1. I'm pretty sure I have a huge welt on my back from Shaun throwing a very saturated diaper at me! (I threw it at him first--just not as hard)

2. I've really been missing my dad the last few weeks, so today I dragged the kids to the cemetery with me to visit. My mom had placed this little pumpkin decoration thing in the ground and Maisey kept playing with it. We talked about how this is where papa's body is but his spirit lives in heaven with Jesus. Then out of the blue she looked up at me and said, "Papa loved my Halloween costume!" With tears coming down my cheeks I just simply replied, "I bet he did!" I'm sure she didn't just make that up!

3. I am doing this awesome Christmas project for my siblings and my mom, well it started off awesome. It's gotten progressively worse as I've been working on it so I stopped for a while. Well, today I had to start back up agian so I can have it done in a few weeks. So, I had to drive around and take pictures of all of our old houses and a few other places. It was incredibly AWKWARD! If I looked out my window and saw a blue van parked in front of my house and some crazy, unshowered lady with 2 screaming kids roll down her window to take a picture, I would feel really uncomfortable and almost violated. But. . . I trucked along and did them all, even though some neighbors were outside. I just tried to be really quick.

4. I took the kids to Costco today, by myself! I put them both in the seats of the shopping cart and they fought the whole time. Maisey had a sippy cup and Gage kept trying to get it so Maisey would put it on the other side of her then Gage would scream, then Maisey would hit him and tell him to be quiet so then he would scream louder. It was quite embarrassing and I told Shaun that this is only the beginning!

I know I had WAY more that I wanted to write, but every time I sit down to write, I can't think! Oh well! I'm going to go watch The Proposal. . . AGAIN!!!!


DaNae said...

gotta love days like that! I am laughing so hard that you remember the Darius name at the hospital. Good times.

janel said...

OH DARIUS - I love that, and I'm glad you love The Proposal, me too - and with that diaper comment it only makes me think of Dumb and Dumber when he throws the snowball. And I faintly remember the time he threw a tennis racket and hit you in the neck - If this pattern continues I think we might need to get him real help!