Friday, November 13, 2009


Don't you love feeling productive? The last 2 days have been extremely productive, and surprisingly, I feel a lot less stressed!

I finally found shoes. 2 pairs actually, and the one's that I am keeping are from Sears of all places! I've looked EVERYWHERE, and I had to run to Old Navy last night, which is hooked on to a mall. So I looked at Macy's and didn't find much, then my mom said to try Sears! Wa-la! There they were! The best thing about them is they were only $20!

I got SO SO SO much done yesterday! I had a huge list of stuff, and Shaun was so surprised when I told him I had finished it all, including putting the laundry away from Tuesday, and cleaning out the fridge. . . both things that weren't high on the priority list! I even worked on my Christmas project, which I am FINISHING tonight! Woohoo! I am feeling so good about things!

I better go get to work!

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