Monday, November 2, 2009

Maisey's Prayer

Maisey said the opening prayer for FHE tonight, and she started all by herself, so I decided to see how long she could go. . . I'm pretty sure she would have kept saying things until tomorrow morning if I wouldn't have stopped her. This is what she said:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for day, thank you for blessings, thank you for food, thank you for watching dora, thank you for blessings. Please bless the brother, bless the daddy, bless the mommy, bless the Maisey. Thank you for Tori, thank you for Porter, thank you for all my friends, thank you for watching dora.

In the name. . . you get the rest!

So genuine, so heartfelt --- that's what we've been counseled to do right?

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David and Wendy Pendergrass said...

How sweet is that? Maisey sounds like so much fun! I really wish the girls could play now that they could actually play together. THey sure can be a handful at this age, but then they also seem sweeter than I ever thought possible at other times!

We moved back to San Diego in with my parents. Hopefully it will be a short stay until we get a job and apartment. We moved back to Utah to get In State tuition for Dave's online graduate program, but they changed the funding and he will be able to get in state price from out of state. No use hanging out in the snow if you don't have to. I am excited, but very sick of moving We moved four times in the last year. I waited a month or two before unpacking in Utah, and we seriously decided to move the day I finished unpacking the last box. I guess it was worth it. ANyway if you are ever down in Southern California please come visit us. I am sure my parents wouldn't mind if you need a place to stay. The house is kind of full right now, but we can always make room and one of my sisters leaves for college in January. Miss you guys!