Monday, November 23, 2009

Done, Done, and Almost Done!

*I finished my Christmas project last Wednesday! I even got them all wrapped, so I am COMPLETELY done! I will post pics of it after Christmas!

*The wedding is done! HOORAY!!!!!!!!! It went really well, and it didn't rain for pictures at the temple! That's 4 for 4 with no rain! Pretty good record! However, it was freezing and I'm pretty sure my shoulders were hunched up in every picture because I was so cold! The only pics that I have from my camera are pics from the luncheon at Olive Garden! So here are a few. I will post more from the actual wedding when I get them!

The Newlyweds!

Maisey is scarfing down her mac n' cheese while the rest of us starving people wait patiently for our food!

Gage is just hangin out! His cheeks and nose are still recovering from the freezing cold weather from the temple!

All in all, the day was a success! But I do have to admit, I took a really long nap on Sunday afternoon!

*The bridal shower is tomorrow night! I have pretty much everything ready and it should be really fun! I will post more on that after! But I'm almost done with my 3 big projects in a week!
I was thinking that things were going to slow down after the bridal shower was over, but I sat down and wrote everything on our calendar for the next few weeks, and they are going to be just as busy! Between football parties, Christmas parties, my trip to Denver, Christmas devotionals, temple nights, and date nights with friends, and going to get our tree, we are pretty much booked until Christmas! What is up with this crazy life?

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