Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crunch Time

We are down to a week and a half until my sister's wedding! I'm grouchy, I'm tired, but mostly I'm stressed! Stressed with all of the things that my mom and I have left to do, stressed with this stupid Christmas project I decided to take on, stressed with my friend's bridal shower that I volunteered to throw, but mostly stressed because I DON'T HAVE SHOES FOR THE WEDDING!!!!!!! My kids are sick of shoe shopping with me, and this might be the first (and probably last) time I've ever said this, but I am sick of shoe shopping too!

All I'm looking for is a black closed toe shoe. Heel - 1 - 2". Something fancy, but not too fancy! I don't want suede, and I don't want anything super shiny! I'm hoping to spend $50 or less because I do have about 20 other black shoes in my closet! If anyone has seen anything, please let me know!

While shoe shopping yesterday, I bought an awesome pair of Steve Madden knee-high boots! If only I could wear those next Saturday. . .