Sunday, October 23, 2011


2.5 years today, that is. Gage is such a big boy and does so many funny things. I asked everyone what their favorite thing about Gage was and what makes Gage so funny. Here are the answers:

 Daddy -
* My favorite thing about Gage is that he is always the first one to come and give me a love when I get home from work.
* Gage is funny because of the new phrases he is constantly saying. Like the other day he found his Swiper stuffed animal and came to me and said, "Swiper no swiping, Swiper no swiping, Swiper no swiping, Ooooo Man!" while trying to snap his fingers at the end.

Mommy -
* My favorite thing about Gage is that he always has to give "Mama loves". Any night Shaun is home (which isn't much) Shaun puts him to bed, but before his door gets shut he always has to beg Shaun to let him do "mama loves". He will come and find me and give me a little snuggle then run off back to his room.
* Gage is funny because ALL.DAY.LONG. I hear "look mama" and then he does something silly or naughty. For example, he will spin around until he gets so dizzy he falls over, he will throw his trains, he will crash his cars together, he will jump off the ottoman, or he'll point out something funny in a book.

Maisey -
* My favorite thing about Gage is that he sometimes shares his choo choos with me.
* Gage is funny because he jumps on the couch even though it's against Mommy's rules.

We love Gage so much and enjoy watching his the wheels in his little tiny brain turn and turn as he learns a million new things everyday. This is such a fun stage, but it's a lot of work! We wouldn't trade it for anything.

Love you big boy!

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