Monday, October 17, 2011

Go Cougars!

When the Cougars head west, you better believe we will be there! Last Saturday they came to play Oregon State. It couldn't have been a more beautiful fall day in Oregon, and most importantly, NO RAIN!!!!!

Maisey was really excited to see some familiar faces! And Jenn gave her a Beaver's necklace to wear!

 The highlight of the day was Daddy holding Maisey up like a cheerleader every time we scored! She loved it!
The other highlight was seeing Cosmo. She asked about every 2.5 seconds if she could go see him again. 

The Cougs won 38-28 in a really good game! It was fun to watch them live!

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lisa elizabeth said...

I came by to say hi at half time but you guys weren't there. Sad. ... and then i didn't have time after the game. Looks like you had a fun time!!!!