Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Polos anyone?

I just made the grand maternity swap today! You know, when you bust out all of your old maternity clothes and organize your current closet into categories: Still fit for 6 more months, squeeze into for next 3 months, no fat chance, it's already tight on me! I put all of the last category into the maternity bins along with all my summer clothes to make room for my maternity clothes, and the clothes from my two sisters. As I was going through the maternity clothes (which is a lot when you combine all three of ours) there were just a few things here and there that I still thought were cute, and most of them were my sister's who just had a baby 3 months ago. Seriously, how can fashion trends change that much in 5 years? I'm pretty sure between my older sister and I we have EVERY.SINGLE.COLOR. of polo ever made. And they all went right back into the bin. And the jeans? Don't even get me started. Let's just say I already ordered a pair of maternity jeggings, some leggings, and will definitely be shopping around for a few other pairs. You would think out of 15 pairs of denim, at least one pair would be fashionably acceptable. No!  I don't even feel like I'm all up on the trends, but Wow! How things change in just a few years.


that's what she said...

haha....i feel this same way! i've started pulling out maternity stuff and either it's way too big still or it's u.g.l.y.

maybe i need to go on a big shopping trip too. :)

Jeff and Brandi said...

I just did the same thing. Even some of the stuff I had with Dylan is terrible and that was only 4 yrs ago. Most of what I bought with him I never got to wear since I had just started wearing maternity clothes a few weeks before I delivered him. It is sure fun to buy new stuff though :)