Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gage and His Big Boy Bed: Part 2

 Gage still doesn't fall asleep in his bed. I went in on Wednesday night to check on him and he had TOTALLY destroyed his room! Picture frames, clothes, diapers, bath towel, books, things that were once hanging on the wall were no longer.

There he is smiling at me on his bed because he thinks it's funny.

So Thursday, I spent the morning rearranging his room and the play room. I took out ALL of the toys, including the train table. I took out the frames and other things he would pull off the walls. The only thing left in there was his dresser and his empty garbage can. I was sure he would go to sleep that night.

10:00 pm on Thursday rolled around and I went to check on him and he had pulled out his bottom drawer of his dresser, broke the side off of it, used the empty space to climb up to the top of his dresser, retrieved his piggy bank, and played with his money all night long. It was all over his room. He also opened the side door of his dresser and took all of his new diapers out and put them in his garbage can.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. I was leaving for the day and gave Shaun a list of stuff to do while I was gone. On that list was to fix Gage's bottom dresser drawer and put it back in his room. Like a good husband, he got everything on the list done, including the drawer.

But apparently that didn't matter, because that SAME night, Gage took it back out, emptied all of his pants, put his pillow pet inside, broke the side off so he could use it as his bed!

That kid is strange. If I had a queen size bed all to myself and was allowed to go to bed at 7:30 pm every night I would sooooo be there!

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