Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Maisey's Preschool, Ballet, and Soccer

September was a busy month for Maisey. Yeah, I'm a little behind. 

She started preschool again and is loving it just as much, if not more, than last year. This girl thrives on structure and routine so starting preschool again has been so nice for us both. She loves how they do a letter of the day and can't wait for tomorrow because it is "M" and since her name starts with "M" she gets to bring something else that starts with the letter to show her class. She already has her mind made up! She is really looking forward to her pumpkin patch field trip at the end of the month.

Maisey's first day of school pics!

Maisey's next adventure has been ballet! She is so small and petite that she makes the cutest little ballerina. She is able to focus on what Ms. Deborah is teaching her and is really good about following directions. She goes to class on Monday afternoons and it's kind of a fun Mommy/Maisey time. We now leave Gage at a friends house after taking him on the first day and regretting it within the first five minutes.

 This is Maisey's class with Ms. Deborah and her little helper girl.

Maisey is really excited to be in the class with her friend Sadie.

We also decided to sign her up for soccer this year. It's only for six Saturdays
 and there are not any practices during the week. It's low key and the kids pretty much just chase the ball around, but it's so fun to watch. Her team is this weird khaki color but Maisey calls it gold! She is such a girl. Shaun was trying to tell Maisey how to be aggressive and kick the ball after the first game. Then the morning of the second game, this is what she said to me: "Mommy, I'm going to make a score today. I'm going to kick the ball with one foot and kick people out of the way with my other foot." Haha! She is pretty funny to watch out there, and you can't miss her with her rainbow striped Hannah Montana socks that she demands to wear each week.

Maisey is on the same team with four of her friends. They were all on the field at the same time last week! It was fun to watch them all.

I can't believe how grown up Maisey is becoming. It's so fun to watch her develop different talents and skills and to make friends with the new kids she meets.

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Desiree said...

Awww, this makes me miss my little ballerina. She's all grown up now. Those little girls are the cutest at recital. I spent many hours in that little room during ballet lessons, that brings back a lot of memories.