Friday, October 28, 2011

The Piccadilly Circus

We went to the Piccadilly Circus Wednesday evening. Overall, it was pretty lame. The kids enjoyed themselves, but I'm not sure we would go again. 

I think the highlight for the night was before the circus even started! The kids and Daddy got to ride an elephant. They thought it was WAY fun. . . once they were on. Maisey was a little nervous but acted brave. Gage was SCREAMING! But Shaun made him do it and once Shaun was on there with him he was fine and had fun! 

Gage and Daddy enjoying the show!

 The other favorite part of the night was when the elephants pooped all over the circus ring while performing. The crowd wasn't very into the circus all night, but when this happened everyone was laughing and clapping and cheering!

And that's it because nothing else was even worthy of mentioning. . . it was that lame! Oh well, at least we know for next time.

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