Friday, October 21, 2011

3rd Annual Pumpkin Party

This year's pumpkin party started out with the kids eating breakfast in the playroom because Shaun and I stayed up until almost 1 am the night before getting the family room and dining room all set up.

Then I got the kids dressed in the costumes. They are Max and Ruby this year. We've been planning it for months and I made their costumes, then this morning Maisey tells me she doesn't want to be Ruby anymore and throws a major fit. I talk her into it by making her face look like Ruby's with a pink nose and some black whiskers. Gage also hated his costume (which I'm not sure why, it's just overalls and a shirt) and went around all morning pulling at his clothes and yelling, "Me not like Max!" This was one of those moments when I thought to myself, "Why even bother doing something cute and creative with them."

Anyway, here are pics of their costumes
 Gage's ears lasted for that picture only then he wouldn't put them back on for the rest of the morning.

I sewed (don't be too surprised! haha!) bunny tails for each of them.

Then it was time for the party to start. We played pass the pumpkin and then each of the kids got to decorate their pumpkins. The past two years we've done paint. This year I opted for stickers, foam stickers, glitter glue pens, and googly eyes. The kids didn't seem to miss the paint to much and I definitely didn't miss the mess! After decorating the pumpkins we had a spooky lunch (Kids: mummy hotdogs, jack o' lantern cheese balls, and orange Jell-o jigglers with spooky cider to drink. Moms: salad with Halloween pasta, witches broomsticks, and haunted h2o.) After lunch we ate treats. I made rice krispy treat ghosts for the kids which they gobbled right up. I also made a yummy apple cake for the moms, but in all the craziness of the party I forgot to pass it out. Sorry moms! Then we played one more quick game of BINGO where everyone won Halloween silly bands. It was another great party this year! Thanks for coming everyone!

 Gage's pumpkin!

 All the kids decorating!

 Maisey's pumpkin!

 The spooky lunches!

And some food pics:


Trevor and Amy said...

You are so freaking creative! Ahhh! You are amazing!

Desiree said...

I missed the apple cake! Boo! I would have loved to try it since you said you had the recipe. Thanks for having such a great party, the kids really had a great time. You are so creative!

Monica McCoy said...

How fun! Sounds like a blast.

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

My kids had so much fun! Thanks! They look forward to it every year!

Mason & Laura said...

I LOVED the party (ok, and so did my kids) SUPER creative and fun. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Can I just call you Martha?