Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Trip to the Apple Orchard

 You know when you think you have a really good idea and it all is perfect in your head, but then when it comes time to execute the idea you get nervous that it won't be as ideal as you were imagining? Well, my friend blogged about an apple orchard just a couple of miles up the highway from us. She took her kids there and it looked like a lot of fun. So, my vision was created. I was waiting for the perfect day to take the family, and Saturday was that day. It was a beautiful fall afternoon so we headed to Beilke Farms to pick us some apples!

 The lady took us on a gator ride to wear the best apples were located! I'm pretty sure the kids were in heaven!

 That is, until they found all the apples. 

 The lady encouraged us to eat them straight from the tree. Maisey took full advantage of the lady's wisdom and ate three during the hour we were there. Daddy beat her by eating six or seven.

 The kids helping with their buckets. We ended up picking 4 buckets total which was almost 100 lbs. of apples!

 We picked Jonagold, Golden Delicious, and Honey Crisp. 


 Gage liked the apples, until he found the tractors, then the dirt.

 Then he filled up on dirt and mud for the rest of the time and he was happy!

And here am I in all my glory, actually picking the 100 lbs. of apples, imagine that!

Wish me luck on my first attempt at making and canning applesauce!

P.S. This was actually one of those rare times that my idea turned out JUST.LIKE.I.PLANNED! :)

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Mason & Laura said...

WOW 100 lbs!! What a FUN family activity, looks like your kids LOVED every second of it! :)