Thursday, October 6, 2011

A *NICE* day at the beach!

In Oregon, if you hear it is supposed to be 80* at the beach, you better be taking advantage of it because it only happens once or twice a year. Lucky for us it happened on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago when we didn't really have much planned. So that morning we packed up the sand toys and headed west!

 They are both holding on to the kite handle. I'm pretty sure that's the best dollar I've ever spent! They had a blast flying that thing!

 Maisey the Mermaid!

Gage LOVES the sand. He likes to be buried in it, eat it, throw it, eat it, and let it run through his fingers. Oh and did I mention, he likes to eat it?

Until next year!!!


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Monica McCoy said...

I love those pics. What happy kids.