Friday, October 28, 2011

Shaun's Work Halloween Party

This afternoon was Shaun's work Halloween party! The kids went around to all of the different offices and cubicles to trick or treat! Not very many people there knew that Maisey and Gage were Max and Ruby, but they all thought they were still cute! We brought Peyton along with us too!

 Cupcake walk! Look at that cute tail!
 2:37 pm - Gage eating his cupcake he won from the walk.
2:41 pm - Gage threw the biggest fit because I wouldn't let him have another cupcake, so we left. It's hard when they plan things during nap time!

I wanted to get back up stairs to take a picture of my favorite decorated cubes but we didn't get to due to our quick exit, so I had Shaun take these on his phone! The Product Implement Team (PIT) made fun of all of the Occupy movements going on around the country! I totally loved it!

Thanks guys for a good laugh and a great party!

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