Monday, April 16, 2012

Tulip Festival

On Saturday after T-ball we headed to the Tulip Festival! It was a beautiful day and the fields weren't muddy at all, which I was surprised about. We ate some yummy food (Maisey begged for curly fries which cost $5 then ate 5 of them, yes that's an average of $1/fry!), rode the hay ride out to the fields, did the duck races, shot some bow and arrows, and we let them choose one kid activity that took tickets. All week the kids had been talking about riding the ponies, but when we got there, they opted for the jump houses even though they did that last weekend at Bauman Farms and earlier that week at Pump it Up. But they had fun and didn't whine when we passed the ponies.

 Maisey was the photographer for this picture!

 And this picture. She even made me pose like that! Haha!

I love the tulip fields and I love the pictures we get in the each year. It's fun to go back and compare them to the years past. Next year, we'll have two little girls in the pictures! Can't wait!

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